RISA HONTIVEROS for Senator. Number 18 sa balota.

Platform Overview

Healthcare: Laban na Walang Iwanan

  • Universalizing Healthcare. Increase public spending on health.
  • Regulate healthcare service standards and prices.
  • Preventive Medicine. Empower Barangay Health Workers and Barangay Health Education, reverse growing HIV epidemic in the Philippines
  • Better Quality Education for Healthcare professionals
  • Cheaper Medicines Law Implementation
  • RH Law Implementation

Gender:  Laban para sa Kababaihan at LGBT

  • Caring for Mothers: Reproductive Health and Responsible Parenthood Law
  • Helping families plan for their future
  • Implementation of improved anti-trafficking act
  • Ensuring equal protection and rights for LGBT: Anti Discrimination Bill

Good Governance and Anti-Corruption: Laban na Malinis at Prinsipyado

  • Freedom of Information: Transparency and Accountability
  • Repeal Antiquated Libel Law
  • Removing Unhealthy Pork: Abolish Pork Barrel.
  • Campaign Finance Reform and Transparency in Campaign Spending

Youth and Education: Laban para sa Kinabukasan

  • Protecting the Rights of Every Filipino Student: Students Rights and Welfare Bill
  • Making youth participation robust: Reform Sangguniang Kabataan Bill
  • Informing the youth of better health options: RH Education

Employment: Laban para sa Seguridad

  • Securing Jobs for Every Filipino: Security of Tenure Bill
  • Empowering workers to self-organize
  • Ensuring Equal Opportunities for Work: Anti Discrimination Bill
  • Championed Tax Exemption for Minimum Wage Earners

Asset Reform: Laban para sa Pagkakapantay-pantay

  • Planning our Resources. National Land Use Bill
  • Socialized Housing: Amended Balanced Housing Bill
  • Extended Agrarian Reform: CARPER

 Get to know Risa Hontiveros. Visit http://www.rhvolunteers.com/site/risa

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